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SOULAURAS is so excited to introduce Acupressure and Aromatherapy  featuring ***Neal’s Yard Remedies*** April 2014 Special Offer: Your choice of one 15 minute Acupressure Complimentary Add-on Bodywork Facial Reflexology   75 Minute Aromatherapy Swedish Relaxation Session: $115  ($40 savings) Acupressure Facial and Bodywork sessions booked with Laura Acupressure Reflexology booked with Sundar, and Simone 75 minute Aromatherapy Reflexology Session:   $115 ($40 savings) Acupressure Reflexology with Carmen. Book your appointment today online through our website or by calling 914-941-2400…….THANK YOU  [ Read More ]

Healthy Holiday Wellness Package

Posted by Laura On November - 9 - 2013

Soulauras Holistic Wisdom & Wellness Center Soulauras Healthy Holiday Wellness Package Since starting my Isagenix program October 2013, I have lost 6lbs and 12 inches and I am looking forward to maintaining this success through the Holidays Ongoing registration……….Join me! 30 day Isagenix Weight Maintenance Package Unlimited Pilates Classes and Yoga &  Gift Certificate for a 60 minute Signature Session with Laura Here’s how it easy it is to keep those Holiday pounds away: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are  [ Read More ]

$1/Minute JinShinDo Internship

Posted by Laura On October - 21 - 2013

      JinShinDo®BodyMindAcupressure  “The Way of the Compassionate Spirit:  As developed by Iona Teegarden, it provides a unique bridge between ancient and modern theories correlating states of mind with chronic areas of body tension. Jin Shin Do relates this tension or”armoring” to blockages along the energy pathways or meridians.  A traditional  Japanese finger pressure technique is used to re-establish the smooth, harmonious and balance flow of energy through the bodymind. Sessions are typically  face-up, clothes on and 90 minutes in duration.  [ Read More ]

11 Day IsaCleanse, Clear & Core

Posted by Laura On September - 13 - 2013
Healthy Holiday Package

Soulauras Holistic Wisdom & Wellness Center Soulauras 11 Day Cleanse, Clear, and Core! Join us at Soulauras in Briarcliff Manor  Wednesday November 13 at 7pm for an Isagenix info and tasting event to get ready for our 9 day group cleanse. Soulauras will be offering a Special IsaWellness Package: 9 day cleanse November 18-26 2013 2 45 minute bodywork and meditation session 3 75 minutes beginner Pilates mat classes Reach out to for more details! $399 For information regarding Isagenix  [ Read More ]

Acupressure for Arthritis Pain Relief

Posted by Laura On September - 8 - 2013

AN introduction to self care for arthritis relief… with Senior JinShinDo Instructor Gail Kellstrom. The chinese refer to arthritis as PAINFUL BLOCKAGE SYNDROME The qi (energy) gets stuck in the joints, causing pain and wearing down of tissue. By using easy to access acupoints on a regular basis, daily, if possible, we can encourage the flow of energy to help relieve pain and bring fresh nutrients to the joints. Major areas to be addressed in this intro class will include  [ Read More ]

Readings & Reiki

Posted by Laura On September - 4 - 2013

Soulauras Psychic Sundays  Intuitive Tarot Readings with Carla. 10:30am-2:30 $60.00 1/2 hour book@ About Carla: Carla is a suburban mom with a twist – she is an Intuitive Medium and Reiki Master! The intuitive gene seems to run in her family, Carla’s mother and grandmother were both intuitive. Her first “psychic moment” was when she was three and continued throughout her life. She has been studying Metaphysics and doing readings since the 1990s. After a break to have 3  [ Read More ]


Posted by Laura On September - 4 - 2013

  QI Kung EXPLORATIONS ANCIENT CHINESE SECRETS of LONGEVITY, VITALITY and JOYFUL LIVING with Gail: This 5-session experience explores the concept of Qi as the vital life-force energy permeating the daily practices of: QI KUNG for longevity and health, JINSHINDO to balance and replenish, FENG SHUI for harmony in the living space, I CHING for insight and guidance in decision making. Each session includes Qi Kung and Jin Shin Do to encourage the development of a personal daily practice.    [ Read More ]

Acupressure for the WEEKEND WARRIOR

Posted by Laura On July - 8 - 2013

JinShinDoBodyMindAcupressure® for the WEEKEND WARRIOR  SUNDAY, July 14, 2013 from 10:30am – 1:30pm   Access and master your body’s natural ability to prepare, recover rebalance and replenish itself  JinShinDoBodyMind Acupressure® Acupressure is an ancient art and holistic healing practice that successfully reduces stress, eases pain, rebalances the mind, and replenishes the body’s energy. Acupressure does this by removing blockages along the body’s meridians, a network of rivers that b ehold acu-points, or tiny centers of energy.   In this class, Gail Kellstrom  [ Read More ]

” Way of the Heart” with Kaleo

Posted by Laura On June - 10 - 2013
"The Way of The Heart"

  Dynamic & Fun Weekend Event Friday 9/20 ~ Sunday 9/22     A Dynamic and Fun Weekend Event of Song, Dance & “Talk Story”  Friday         7:00 pm – 9;00 pm                 A Musical Storytelling Concert                              Introduction to the women’s weekend workshop and included in the fee when you register for the workshop. Saturday    [ Read More ]

Posted by Laura On June - 1 - 2013

BEGINNER MAT PILATES   Darlene Haywood of DH Essence of Wellness Certified Pilates Instructor and Wellness Coach Let’s Have some FUN! The other pictures were too scary Thanks to Darlene I am finding the courage to take the Pilates Plunge CLASSES BEGIN WEDNESDAY JUNE 8th  PLEASE JOIN ME! Build Confidence, Strength and Endurance in every aspect of you life…TOTAL BODY PILATES WORKOUT IS HERE!!!!! Limited to 8 participants to maximize individual attention throughout classes:   Wednesdays 6:00-7:15pm Saturdays 8:00-9:15am Sundays 4:00-5:15pm  [ Read More ]

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Acupressure & Aromat

SOULAURAS is so excited to introduce Acupressure and Aromatherapy  featuring ***Neal's Yard ...


Healthy Holiday Well

Soulauras Holistic Wisdom & Wellness Center Soulauras Healthy Holiday Wellness Package Since ...


$1/Minute JinShinDo

      JinShinDo®BodyMindAcupressure  "The Way of the Compassionate Spirit:  As developed by Iona ...

Healthy Holiday Package

11 Day IsaCleanse,

Soulauras Holistic Wisdom & Wellness Center Soulauras 11 Day Cleanse, Clear, ...


Acupressure for Arth

AN introduction to self care for arthritis relief... with Senior ...